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Quality ski coaching in Chamonix with elite ski teacher Mark Gear.


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Ski coaching to dramaticaly improve your skiing level by developing all aspects of performance.

The term "performance" in most sports can be broken down into 5 main aspects of the overall performance.


  • Technical performance
  • Tactical performance
  • Psycological performance
  • Physical performance
  • Equipment performance


We focus on all aspects of performance.  Imagine your skiing having developed all of these performance aspects.  We use a thorough approach to ski coaching with stratigically designed exercises and powerfull performance enhancing drills.

This kind of ski coaching approach really helps to improve the overall performance by providing the right information at just the right time. 



Performance Ski Coaching in Chamonix with All Mountain Performance.

Performance ski coaching - Coaching all aspects of skiing performance


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"Ski the whole mountain with contol, versatility and expression"

All Mountain Performance ski coaching aim's to radically improve a skier's level by developing all aspects of their skiing performance. This is acheived by developing performance in a variety of conditions and terrain using modern ski coaching methods that involve not only the development of skiing technique, but also taking into account all other aspects of the skiers overall performance.

The following aspects of skiing performance can be considered when looking for improvement.


  • Technical skiing performance,
  • Tactical skiing performance,
  • Psychological skiing performance,
  • Physical skiing performance. 
  • Ski equipment performance


If we look at performance this way, we can see that technique is only 20% of a skiers overall performance.

Imagine your skiing having developed all aspects.  All Mountain Performance ski coaching quickly identifys which performance aspect needs developing the most in any given situation or task. Which performance aspect is the weekest? and why? 

Then we provide the right ski coaching approach with exercises and drills to help you make big leaps forward with your skiing. Helping you to improve your skiing performance by providing you with just the right information, at just the right time.


Performance Ski Coaching in Chamonix for off piste and all mountain skiing.


Freeride and off piste performance ski Courses in Chamonix



There are 3 course levels to choose from.

Intermediate ski courses,

Advanced ski courses 

Expert ski courses 

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Ski courses for all levels run in Chamonix throught-out the winter season from early December - Late in April. You can choose a 5 day ski course or a 2 day weekend course. 

These off piste ski courses have been developed to improve your skiing all over the mountain. Learn to rip on the pistes, freeride the off piste & master the steeps.

Experience some of Chamonix's best off piste and freeride skiing. Receive top level ski coaching from Mark Gear who is one of the UK's leading professional ski instructors.  All ski courses include daily video feedback and transport to and from the slopes.

We aim to ski mostly lift accessible off piste, experiencing some of the best off piste and backcountry skiing that Chamonix has to offer.

During the course we will focus on the following aspects of your skiing:

  • Control of speed and line
  • Steering elements
  • Technique and tactics for off piste snow and terrain
  • Tips for steeps and couloirs
  • Avalanche/mountain, off piste/backcountry awareness


  • 2 or 5 Full days ski coaching & guiding
  • In resort transport for skiing
  • Video feedback
  • Max 6 persons per group




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Performance Ski Courses




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SAFTEY EQUIPEMENT IS NEEDED FOR ALL MOUNTAIN SKI COURSES: Avalanche safety equipment (transceiver, shovel and probe) are mandatory. We have some rental packs if you do not have your own.


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Expert All Mountain Ski Courses


 Off piste ski courses run in Chamonix, France.

All ski courses are run by elite off piste ski instructor Mark Gear.

These off piste ski courses are our highest level and have been developed for expert skiers capable of skiing all but the most challenging off piste conditions and terrain. The focus of the expert ski courses is to maximize your ability as a strong all round, all terrain skier.

Versatility is your key to mastering the whole mountain. During the course we will help improve your skiing in a variety of conditions and terrain. We will develop your performance through strategically designed exercises and drills that really work encouraging control, versatility and individual skier expression.

Understand the most up to date skiing techniques and freeride tactics, delivered by an elite level ski teacher. You will receive a personalised development programme with daily video feedback.

During the expert ski courses, we aim to ski some of the best off piste and backcountry terrain in Chamonix.  All accessible by the lifts. Sometimes a short hike to the very top can provide us with a better descent.  This ski course is also ideal for ski instructors training for their ski exams, such as BASI ect.

On expert ski courses, the following aspects of your skiing are developed:


  • Personal performance awareness
  • Develop steering movements
  • Off-piste & freeride skills
  • Terrain, snow and line tactics
  • Technique & tactics for skiing steeper slopes
  • Technique & tactics for skiing gullies & couliors
  • Avalanche/  Backcountry mountain awareness


Week long and weekend expert ski courses available

The 2 day weekend ski courses are a condensed version of our 5 day ski courses. The aim of the weekend is to cover the major parts of the 5 day skiing course using a maximum activity approach. That means lots of great  skiing with tips and tactics for snow and terrain.


Expert ski course dates for 2015/2016 season


Dec 26th - Dec 27th   (Weekend ski course)

Jan 11th - Jan 15th    (5 day ski course)           FULL

Feb 8th - Feb 12th    (5 day ski course)

Mar 14th - Mar 18th  (5 day ski course)

Apr 2nd - Apr 3rd      (Weekend ski course)

Apr 18th - Apr 22nd   (5 day ski course)


Expert ski courses




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SAFTEY EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED FOR EXPERT SKI COURSES: Avalanche safety equipment (transceiver, shovel and probe) are mandatory. We have some rental packs if you do not have your own. We will also show you how to use this off-piste safety equipment on the first day.


Please Note: Please ensure that you are at the minimum level or above for expert ski courses:

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All off piste performance ski courses include: 

  • 5 or 2 full days of coaching & guiding. Typical skiing time 9:00am -12:30pm then 1:15pm  - 4pm (with adequate breaks).
  • Daily video feedback after skiing 4:15pm - 4:45pm. (Relax with a drink and receive helpful video tips).
  • Private Minibus transport for skiing. (A pick up service from your accommodation in Chamonix at 08:40am to the slopes and back at 5pm each day).




Expert ski courses for all mountain and off piste skiing in Chamonix.

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